Preserving our natural Heritage with the use

of local native trees and shrubs.

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Flower coriacea.jpg (89712 bytes)
Acacia coriacea
subsp. sericophylla
Flower E. camaldulensis_small.jpg (9616 bytes)
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
var obtusa
Flower G. dryandri_small.jpg (9111 bytes)
Grevillea dryandri 

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Are you keen to improve your environment as well as play your part in preserving our natural heritage?

What better way to do this than by using plants that are native to our particular area to rehabilitate or beautify your area. We have a passion about this too and we are here to help you do this as effectively as possible.

Our plants are grown from seed collected from local plants so this ensures that plants purchased from us will be hardy and very suitable for this North-West  Queensland Arid Zone.

We offer a full backup service for your plants which includes

  • Advice on specific growing conditions and locations
  • Planting rates per hectare
  • Watering and irrigation advice

We have a comprehensive catalogue available so that you can see just how much choice you have.  This is available on-line or for a hard copy contact us and we will be happy to mail it to you.

We hope we have the opportunity to work with you preserving our natural heritage.

Annie and Al Cameron  

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For further information, contact us

Endemic Plants, Mount Isa
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Mount Isa  QLD  4825
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Phone - 0408 014 718
Fax - (07) 4749 5111

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